Diagnosis of hair

If you have a hair problem that persists despite various attempts with products and treatments, it is probably time to come visit us at Norgil capillary center of Tracadie-Sheila, New Brunswick. You can find a truly customized solution through professional listening of our experts and our equipment at the cutting-edge of hair diagnostic technologies. Within an hour of your time, our specialist will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your problem. He first gets the most possible information from you to better understand your situation. Thereafter, he produced tests useful for his diagnostic, based on your specific situation, it could be, for example, capillary mapping, analysis of bulbs, a trichogram or densitometry.

Our hair expert of Tracadie-Sheila will then let you know the causes of your hair problem and you can decide of all the appropriate care, ensuring the desired results. All advice and information necessary for the success of the treatment will be provided. If it is a major problem, as a significant hair loss, you must act quickly to preserve the health of your scalp.

Your hair consultation at Tracadie-Sheila clinic will allow to increase your motivation to solve your hair problem, which will contribute much to the success of treatments. You can also check with our expert to understand how much your hair really matter to you.